With the recent advancement in technology and the ever-growing popularity of the internet, it is not much faster and easier to buy and sell products and services online. Gone are the days when internet users just use it to send emails and do light research.

People now have the ability to make purchases and sell products using not just their desktops, but their tablets and mobile phones as well. As a matter of fact, 3.5% of eCommerce website visits via mobile are converted into purchases, compared to 3.9% on desktop. (Statista, 2021) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

As a company, having an eCommerce website is everything to you. You can brief your customers about your company, what you offer and allow them to make purchases of these things all in one place. At Unmuted Agency, we understand the fine line between a massive customer base and sales conversion. This is why we are the best when it comes to creating eCommerce websites. Our experts are every ready to create an eCommerce website that is tailored to your company as well as your customer’s needs.


8 reasons why you should have an eCommerce website.

With the massive growth the online world has amassed over the past few years, you can’t afford to be left behind. Below are some reasons why you should have an eCommerce website.


  1. The Global Market

The moment you have a functional eCommerce website, you’re grabbing the opportunity to get your products and services to customers all around the world, with no time zone barrier!


  1. Open All Day

With an eCommerce website, you’d be able to sell your products and services 24 hours a day, every day. The limitations you’d get while running a traditionally built store don’t apply to eCommerce websites. You’ll never lose out on sales because you were closed.


  1. Brand Boosting

An eCommerce website gives you the ability to diversify your product range. You’d be able to market intangible goods such as eBooks, your customers will have the opportunity to request rather personalized items simply by filling in their forms. This company-customer interaction boosts your brand presence around the industry. Here at Unmuted Agency, we are specialists in brand identity. Our developers will build you a fully functional eCommerce website, aimed at enhancing your brand visibility and customer interaction.


  1. Better Sales Conversion Rate

With an eCommerce website, potential customers are much more likely to place an order instantly, instead of waiting for your traditional store to open


  1. Social Media and Search Engine Marketing.

Once you have your SEO done correctly, your eCommerce website will rank amongst the top results on various search engines. This will allow your potential customers to discover your product and services faster and thus lead to higher sales conversion. Also, having a good social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, can help you massively improve sales and company brand. Again, Unmuted Agency understands all these and is dedicated to giving you the very best of social media management. We help your brand build trust amongst your customers, encouraging them to leave reviews and ratings about your product and services. Our dedicated social media experts also keep your customers engaged by sharing regular posts about your company, products, and services. This drives more traffic to your eCommerce website and boosts sales.


  1. Convenience

The convenience offered by eCommerce websites is never underappreciated by customers. These days, no one has the time to walk around physical stores searching for products. They can easily make purchases of anything they want from a functional eCommerce website while making breakfast, during a work break, or even in harsh weather conditions. An eCommerce website provides this high level of comfort for everyone without the need to be in any hassling environment that isn’t fully accessible.


  1. Fewer utility bills

It’s rather obvious that owning an eCommerce website is a much cheaper means of marketing and selling your products and services. Online business owners don’t have to face the hassle of paying for shop rent, security fees, basic utility fees, and staff. With such bills off your table, you’re allowed to sell your products at really competitive prices.


  1. Little to no Risk

The risks that come with regular stores, including shoplifting, rogue workers, and damages done to your products don’t apply to eCommerce websites. This means you’re able to enjoy more profit at all times, with an even smaller workforce.


Having an eCommerce website will give you a huge competitive edge over companies who don’t have one yet.


Why Unmuted Agency?

In a world where customers are always looking for the quickest way to buy goods and services, he who has the best eCommerce website is king. At Unmuted Agency, we will help you create the best online shop for your business. Our team of web developers and designers will build an eCommerce website that specifically meets the needs of your customers. Over 95% of website visitors don’t buy anything on their first visit (https://www.hubspot.com/ecommerce-marketing). We can reduce this percentage significantly.


How do we do it?

Here at Unmuted Agency, we have years of experience in the field of eCommerce website creation. We understand the basics, as well as the complexities, involved that’s why we take these steps before creating an eCommerce website for you.

Customer Analysis and insight

We research what your customers/audience would prefer in their ideal eCommerce website.

Competition research

We find out how your competitors operate, in a bid to give you a competitive advantage.

Modern tools

Here, our experts employ the use of the best possible tools to create a customized eCommerce website, tailored to meet your customers needs as well as yours.


Feel free to contact us today, for a free consultation on how we can help take your business to the next level.


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