You may have heard of search engine optimization or SEO, but for some reason have failed to understand completely what it’s all about and its importance. Allow us to make that a thing of the past for you.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a unique process of literally improving the quality as well as quantity of traffic to your website through the use of organic search engine results. Getting a higher ranking on search engine pages when clients search your industry/niche leads to more brand visibility and improves company sales. When done properly, Search Engine Optimization can help your company stand tall amongst the competition, as a reliable company and this will definitely enhance your users’ experience. 71% of marketers say using strategic keywords was their number one strategy for SEO. (HubSpot State of Marketing Report, 2021) (Source:

 Here at Unmuted Agency, we are masters of Search Engine Optimization. We know that the importance of SEO can not be overemphasized, thus our team of experts imbibed the right practices into making sure your brand not only ranks high up search engine pages but improves the accessibility of your website.


What is the importance of Search Engine Optimization?

Getting the best SEO agency, such as Unmuted Agency, to handle your website Search Engine Optimization affairs is very important. Search Engine Optimization is important for the following reasons:


Site Visibility and Rankings

It’s common knowledge that people are more likely to pick one out of the top six suggestions they get when they use search engines. Search Engine Optimization is very important here because when done properly, gives you the ability to be amongst those top six suggestions. Consequently, you’re getting more brand visibility which results in more clicks from potential customers.


Web Traffic

You’re going to miss a lot of sales opportunities if no one can find your brand online. Search Engine Optimization is important because it significantly increases your website’s organic traffic. This means, you’d be getting more real visitors from your favorite search engines and of course, more visitors means more sales. Mobile web traffic has consistently accounted for about half of all global web traffic since the beginning of 2017. (Statista, 2020) (Source:


Enhanced User Experience

Search Engine Optimization is important because when properly done, your website will be able to state what products and services you offer and the best ways to access them. At Unmuted Agency, we have years of experience behind and understand that major search engines like Google and Bing, are happier to pull information off websites that are optimized to meet the users’ experience. We employ all SEO tools in our arsenal to ensure that your website is easy to navigate.



Ranking on top search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, is appealing to a lot of companies because of the obvious brand visibility they’d get. But, there’s a bonus that comes with that and it’s TRUST. Potential customers will always respect and trust those brands whose keywords find their way to the top of various reliable search engines. Having won over their trust already before they even enter your website, you’re more likely to make sales when they eventually click your website.



One of the major importance of Search Engine Optimization is the fact that it’s key to your brand’s growth online. Just like we’ve stated earlier, the higher you rank on your preferred search engines for keyword varieties, the more organic traffic you’d get coming into your website. Unmuted Agency as an SEO agency makes sure that your website is properly optimized to ensure that you gain more customers and make more sales. With such a wonderful user experience, customers are more likely to share your brand with friends and loved ones across various social media platforms.




The Main Elements of Search Engine Optimization?

On-site SEO

On-site SEO refers to those improvements that are made to various contents inside your website, to make sure they are in line with various search engines requirements. While optimizing your web pages, it’s important to create signals that these search engines can detect to tell exactly what a webpage is about in different ways.

On-site Search  Engine Optimization has to do with your website’s structure, your keywords, images, and internal links. Basically, anything that can be analyzed by search engines when attempting to rank your website for content.


Off-Site SEO

Off-site Search Engine Optimization has to do with the effort you put into making sure your website ranks higher in search engines, outside your website. One major game-changer here is called link building (backlinks). This simply means getting more respect, reputable websites with heavy traffic to link back to your own website.


Why Unmuted Agency?

Unmuted Agency is a reputable SEO agency, that handle understands the importance of Search Engine Optimization when it comes to brand identity and company growth. Our team of experts dedicates their time and efforts towards building well-optimized websites and web pages. Our off-site SEO is second to none, as we deliver quality backlinks from trustworthy, high-traffic sites to you.


How do we do it?

Keyword building

Our Search Engine Optimization experts analyze and determine the best keywords to help rank your website higher in search engines.


We are able to create specific trigger signals which search engines can detect when crawling your website.

Competitor Research

In-depth analysis of top brands in your niche gives us the ability to create a competitive edge for your search engine optimization.


We are available for a free consultation today, contact us now, let’s see how we can help rank your page to the very top of your preferred search engine.


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